Sindh School Monitoring System




The project of Monitoring and Evaluation in the School Education Department, Government of Sindh, was launched as a result of an agreement signed with S-GPE (Donors) in January 2015. After launching of the project a full-fledged Directorate General of Monitoring and Evaluation has been established as an attached body of the School Education Department. It has primary objective to put in a proper and modern technology-based monitoring system of school teachers’ attendance. In addition to this following are the main objectives of the office:

1.      To achieve  basic profiling of schools

2.      To get first hand and evidence-based information about school HR and infrastructure

3.      To establish a parallel field force of the department to perform any assigned function

4.      To evaluate the data regarding HR and school infrastructure so as to get help for prioritising the issues and upgrade school infrastructure

5.      It has objective to monitor attendance and evaluate overall school conditions

There was no such consolidated/synchronised record management regarding:

    • Staff Count
    • Employees Profile
    • Administrative Data
    • Postings Profile
    • Control Ghost/Proxy teachers

Sindh School Monitoring System.SSMSis to collect, analyze, and disseminate data on key school-level indicators, including student enrolment and teacher presence. Data is collected on the monthly basis to allow monitoring of trends and ‘real-time’ response to identify weaknesses in education system. Moreover, more elaborate and systematic mobile application has recently been developed to monitor all the schools.


With the introduction of monitoring and evaluation system in the school education department a very effective impact has been made upon school education. The department has achieved following results:

1.      Control upon teachers’ absenteeism has been established

2.      Constant watch upon school education is provided

3.      First-hand information about school infrastructure

4.      It provides assistance to maintain STR

5.      It helps in providing key information about school status to work out for improvement of overall indicators of quality education

6.      Modern automation tools are being employed to keep relentless watch upon school education

7.      Through monitoring system development works of schools are also being checked

8.   District Reforms Oversight Committee (DROC) has been constituted under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner which has key role in overall improvement of education sector reforms and analysis of monitoring reports being generated by Monitoring and Evaluation System.


A teacher will be declared as an absconder teacher;

Ø  When MA visits a school and finds it permanently closed with no one inside the premises (students as well as employee). The teacher posted against that school would be considered as an absconder

Ø  When MA finds continuous absence of any teacher in the attendance register (approximately one month) and H.M of the school also informs that the said teacher is absent without any prior formal approval of the competent authority; the teacher would be considered as an absconder

Ø  When the employee whose name is not available in the muster roll/attendance register of the school and HM also denies knowing any whereabouts or information of the employee, he would be considered as an absconder

Ø  Hundreds of absconding teachers have been nominated by M&E team


A teacher, who is not available in the school and there in no record or evidence of any granted leave to him, will be considered as an absent teacher

Teacher on official duty/training

A teacher/staff who is not available in the school and as per statement of the H.M or in charge of the school, he or she has gone to perform some official duty or proceeded for official training and there is proper record of such order by the competent authority available in the school, the teacher will be considered as on the official duty. Thousands of teachers/employees have been marked as absent and their salaries have been stopped.


A teacher, whose order of transfer is available on the record of school, will be considered as transferred teacher.

Ø  Teacher must not leave school until his posting order is updated in the biometric system

Ø  Notification for at least 7-14 days wait before joining new place of posting has already been issued


´  Teachers, whose application for medical leave is on the record, will be considered as teachers on medical leave

´  MA should confirm the availability of medical certificate during his next visit of same school, just to make sure that no misreporting has been done


´  First Step                                              Preparation of Monitoring Plan

´  Second Step                                          Data Collection and its Review

´  Third Step                                            Analysing Data by CMOs

´  Fourth Step                                          Analysing data and compilation of Report by DG office

´  Fifth Step                                             Monthly Review Meeting with Secretary Education

´  Sixth Step                                             Implementation of Decisions



Earlier, there was no specific elaborated M&E policy but with the efforts of current M&E directorate a new policy has been issued after approval by the Chief Minister. Whole M&E process is being conducted under that policy.

Another achievement of the management team of M&E directorate is that the programme has been implemented successfully which has been recognised by the World Bank also. The WB has set disbursement linked indicators (DLIs) regarding overall performance of M&E directorate and one million dollars final disbursement was made conditional with achievement of all the DLIs of three years. It is proudly stated that this management team ensured achieving all targets and finally all DLI indicators were met which has recently been declared by the World Bank team also.